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    Are you new to online betting? Currently, you are likely going through the tough phase of making a choice from the various bookmaker websites available online. First of all, you should know you can choose more than one bookmaker. But how can you tell if a sportsbook is safe, trustworthy, and can offer you the best odds? The answer is not a straightforward one, but we are here to guide you through the process.

    The first and most important thing to do before you join a sports betting website is to do thorough findings on the bookmaker. Yes, there are many exciting bonuses and odds out there, but not all of these bookmakers are credible. That is why we have tailored our bookmaker reviews and ratings to ensure they provide you with the information you need to distinguish safe online sportsbooks from sketchy ones. A mix of good ratings, competitive odds, and proven track records is the right combination for a good online sportsbook. Now, we are going to discuss in detail the qualities that make a betting website a good one.

    How We Rate Bookmakers


    As a rule, we use five major yardsticks to measure an online bookmaker. To make sure we get first-hand information and experience about the bookmaker, we create a user account and meticulously read the terms and conditions to check for unfavorable user agreements. Here are the measures we use to rate an online sportsbook which we think can be of great help to you.


    Background Information

    We do general background research on the operator, the year the sportsbook started operating, and the countries it caters to. The license the bookmaker holds is also considered. Reputable licensing authorities such as MGA and UKGC only approve sportsbooks that have met their strict guidelines. Bookmakers with licenses from any of these authorities are often reliable and safe to bet with.

    Betting Options and Odds


    Most betting sites concentrate on football and only offer good odds and vast betting options on this sport. But the best online sportsbooks are well-rounded and evenly cater to fans of all the sports they offer. This is hard to achieve but possible. We explore the bettings markets and sports lists of the sportsbook we review. The more options we find on an online sportsbookб the better it’s ranking.

    Bonuses and Promotions

    The best bookmarks make sure their customers get incentives for betting with them. A welcome bonus is a plus here. Every bettor wants to be greeted with a great welcome offer when they join an online sportsbook. We ensure that we check for other promotions such as reload bonuses, loyalty programs, enhanced odds, and free bets on the platforms of the bookmakers we rate. Of course, these offers must also come with favorable terms.

    Payment Options


    The easier and faster a sportsbook processes deposits and withdrawals, the better. Top bookmakers offer various banking options to make payments seamless. After all, the whole point of betting is being able to place wagers and getting your winnings on time. We check if the bookmaker allows payments in local currency. Also, we give extra points to sportsbooks with high average payouts.


    Mobile Betting and Customer Support

    A large percentage of people bet through their smartphones. Hence, an online sportsbook must have a mobile-friendly and intuitive website. Also, we test the quality of the customer support offered by the bookmakers we rank. We give extra points based on bookies who have various channels of reaching support agents and respond to queries on time.

    How Our Reviews are Different from Other Websites


    A bunch of websites give online sportsbooks good ratings because they are paid to do so. This is not an entirely bad practice. However, third-party websites are likely to rank sportsbooks better than they deserve when they are paid for them. We review a sportsbook based on our experience betting on it. Our reviews are reliable because we have spent many years trying various sportsbooks, and in the process, gained the required knowledge.

    To ensure our reviews are up-to-date, we revisit and reassess the services of the bookmakers we have reviewed and other new ones in the market at least twice a year. We also encourage you to leave us a comment if you do not agree with the ratings we give on some of the betting sites we review. This can be very helpful to other bettors and us.

    Why Do We Give Betting Sites Positive Reviews?


    Since the early 90s, online betting has been catering to bettors who prefer to bet from the comfort of their homes. Now, bettors can wager on almost anything, from popular sports, virtual sports, to pop culture. The above list consists of sportsbooks with good ratings from us. Let’s take a look at what things they did right to achieve their spot on our list.


    Licensing authority

    Every business whether online or land-based needs to be regulated and checked for good practice. Gaming authorities exist to ensure bettors who gamble online are protected. These authorities carry out due diligence on sportsbooks and make sure they fulfill their terms with the bettor. A license from a credible regulator a sort of assurance that the bookmaker/holder is a trustworthy one. Also, you are unlikely to get scammed when you play at a sportsbook licensed by a credible gaming commission.

    Reputation and Longevity


    You can tell that a sportsbook operator is doing something right when it has been in the business for many years, and it’s still relevant. Online betting companies such as 888 and William Hill have earned their reputation and credibility for sustaining their quality services for years. It takes years of consistency for new sportsbooks to earn bettors’ trust and respect.

    Bonuses & other Incentives

    Sportsbooks must offer bonuses and promotions. Once you have met your quota, winnings from bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds should be credited into your account as soon as possible. The rules of these incentives should also be as transparent as possible. Wagering requirements should be realistic and fair and not be a sinkhole on your path to gain your rewards.

    Betting Markets and Odds


    Online sportsbooks we give good ratings offer a wide range of sports, betting markets, and options. Their menus are well-rounded, with extensive options under all sports they offer. Their average payout for all sports is similar so that you don’t feel like you are compromising when betting on some sports. The compiling service that put together all odds has been proven by opinionated odds. Sportsbooks shouldn’t just copy odds from other platforms. You can check our odds page to confirm and compare the margins used by sportsbooks we review.


    User-friendly Website

    Good user experience cannot be overemphasized when ranking a bookmaker. A sportsbook website has to load within seconds on both mobile and desktop. There must be a mobile website tailored for smaller screens with menus and icons arranged in an orderly manner. Bets placed should be confirmed within minutes after placing wagers. Bettors shouldn’t have a hard time finding transaction history, total balance, and payment methods. These things contribute to the overall betting experience, and we take them seriously.

    Safe Payment Options


    Dealing with online sportsbooks means that you have to make transactions online. Any personal information and banking details you share while opening a user account have to be kept safe. The process of making deposits and withdrawals should be easy and quick. We check for security badges to ensure user information is protected from unwanted third parties. A decent list of banking options also boosts the betting experience on a sportsbook. All the sportsbooks we list above have earned their spot because they provide safe and fast payment options.

    Customer support

    Efficient customer support increases the bookmaker’s chances of earning good ratings. If you are placing real-money wagers online, your queries must be answered as soon as possible. The customer service team must be knowledgeable and skilled at resolving issues within a short period. Also, there must be several channels to reach customer support. Live chats, email addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles must be available to ensure bettors have various access to the operator representatives.

    Reviews from Other Bettors


    We believe in our objective and candid rating system for online sportsbooks. However, we can learn from your experience to better our reviews and ultimately encourage bookmakers to offer better services. We strongly suggest our readers share their opinions about online sportsbooks by participating in our forum. Reviews and ratings from other players are important when rating online bookmakers, and we put them into consideration. Sportsbooks with ample positive reviews from various players have a great chance of entering our top list. We believe ratings shouldn’t be entirely based on our own opinion.


    Why We Rate Some Bookmakers Poorly

    There are hundreds of sportsbooks on the internet. However, not all of them offer good services. Some operators lure bettors to their websites and end up offering bonuses with unfair terms, and some are downright scams. Many players, both rookies, and experts have been victims to sportsbooks who refuse to pay out winnings. You won’t find any scam sites on our website. However, we will reveal some reasons we rank some bookmakers poorly.

    Licenses from Untrusted Authorities


    Even though a bookmaker holds a license, that does not entirely vindicate it from malpractices. Some online sportsbooks with licenses from Costa Rica and Curacao have aroused some controversies in the past. This does not mean discredit sportsbooks like 1xbet and 22bet who hold licenses from Curacao and Costa Rica. However, we are extra cautious with new betting sites with licenses from these jurisdictions.

    Bonuses & Offers With Unfair Conditions

    Every bookie has bonuses and promotions with unique wagering requirements and quotas. However, some online sportsbooks offer huge bonuses with unrealistic wagering requirements. You should be careful when claiming deposit bonuses and free bets online. Some offers appear profitable, but they are not valuable in the real sense. Also, some bookies only offer promotions during the big league seasons. Offers are part of the things that improve the betting experience. Hence, we don’t hold bookies without valuable offers in high esteem.

    Low Betting Odds


    Odds and payout are both crucial parts of betting. We are always on the lookout for sportsbooks that offer high odds across all sports. Betting options shouldn’t be limited as well. Although a large number of bettors wager on football, there are fans of other sports, and they should be catered to as well. Most online books offer an average payout between 92-95%. We also check for the differences between in-play and pre-match betting. Sportsbooks that are not consistent across all sports and markets get average to low ratings from us.


    Restricting Payment Options and Slow Payment Process

    To ensure bettors spend as little time as possible making transactions, online bookies must offer a variety of payment options. The options should be from recognized financial institutions with a good reputation for secure transactions. Processing time should be within 48 hours. Some bookmakers have limited payment methods. This is a sign that they are unwilling to pay. Sportsbooks that process payments for several days receive poor ratings from us.

    Bettors’ Reviews & Comments


    Each bettor has a unique experience with a bookmaker. We make it a part of our rating process to check for complaints and compliments pertaining to the bookies we rate from other bettors. We are aware that some bettors leave subjective negative reviews about sportsbooks. However, there are genuine reviews that usually include specifics about the reviewer’s ordeal.

    How to Choose an Online Sportsbook Based on Our Ratings

    Every year, new sportsbooks emerge to add to the hundreds that already exist. It’s quite difficult to keep up with the pace, but we are here to help. We use six major standards to rate bookmakers: bookmaker’s licensing and general information, bettings options, bonuses, payment options, and mobile compatibility, and customer support. You can employ our five yardsticks to measure a sportsbook you are planning on betting with, depending on what you prioritize. Read our reviews in and out and ensure you understand what each of the bookmakers has to offer. Reputation, promotions, betting options and payment methods are some of the things we suggest you focus on first. Don’t use these standards and stop your findings there. Do deeper research on what the bookmaker is offering. Don’t be hesitant about joining more than one betting site and shuffling between your choices. In reality, no bookie can offer everything you want. The marker is large, and the competition is tough, so there will be other good ones out there. You also need more than one option when you need to compare bookmaker odds. Last but not least, we have provided the key factors that separate real casinos from scams. Keep in mind that all bookies on our site are trustworthy and genuine.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    When you already know the things to look out for, it is easier to find them. We assess a vast range of bookies to ensure we leave no stones unturned. We check their odds, betting markets, bonuses, user experience, payment methods, and customer support. With these in mind, have a clear view of what the bookmaker should offer.

    To ensure the information we provide on our site is up-to-date, we reassess all the sportsbooks we rate to confirm the quality of their services hasn’t dropped. We revisit these sportsbooks at least twice a year and adjust their scores accordingly.

    There are several reasons we might rank a betting website very high if the betting website holds one or more licenses from reputable jurisdictions. The betting options and bonuses of a betting website must also be impressive to make their way into our good books.

    The answer is simple. If they do not meet any of our set standards, we give them a bad rating.

    It is very simple! Visit the bettors' comments page on our website and post your complaints or any other opinions about a sportsbook there. We always encourage bettors to drop their reviews about bookmakers because we consider these reviews in our ratings.

    Yes, you can go to our bookmaker’s comparison page and choose the betting site you want to compare one on one. We grade each one in ten categories such as promotions, mobile compatibility, payment options and so on.

    We provide detailed reviews on several bookmakers. You can read through our list and check what each offers to know which is best for you.